Beartooth at Beartooth Pass, MT

Road Trip Day 18

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June 26, 2019  Day   18          Miles         288             Begin Red Lodge, MT             To Miles City, MT Roads Traveled   Beartooth Highway 212, MT 308, MT 310  I-90, I-94 Slept at Tongue River Winery B & B No tennis today Wildlife…

Glamping Covered Wagons at Chico Hot Springs, MT

Road Trip Day 17

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June 25, 2019  Day     17        Miles        160              Begin  Pray (Chico) , MT            To Red Lodge, MT Roads Traveled MT 540, I-90, MT 78,  Slept at The Pollard Hotel, Red Lodge, MT No Tennis today The view at Chico Hot Springs this…

Seared Ahi Chico Restaurant

Road Trip Day 16

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June 24, 2019  Day   16          Miles      154               Begin     Boulder, MT        To Pray, MT  stopping in Bozeman, MT Roads Traveled Mostly Montana backroads: MT 69, 399, 287, 84, I-90, MT 89 Slept at Chico Hot Springs, Pray, MT No tennis today Wildlife…

Sleeping at Boulder Hot Spring, MT

Road Trip Day 15

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June 23, 2019    Day   15          Miles      150                Begin   Polaris, MT           To.  Boulder, MT Roads Traveled   MT 73, MT 278, MT 41, MT 55, MT 399 Slept at Boulder Hot Spring and Spa, MT No Tennis today I get…

Restored Truck at Kalispell, MT Carshow

Road Trip Day 14

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June 22, 2019       Day   14          Miles     300                Begin   Kalispell, MT          To  Polaris, MT Roads Traveled  MT 93, MT 200, MT 93, I-90, MT 93, MT 43, MT 287, Mt 73 Slept at Elkhorn Hot Springs Lodge, MT Tennis in…

Downtown Kalispell

Road Trip Day 13

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June 21, 2019             Day   13           Miles          115           Begin   Paradise, MT          To Kalispell, MT Roads Traveled  MT 200 to MT28 to MT 93 with a side trip to Big Fork on MT 82 and 35…

Lodge at Quinns Montana

Road Trip Day 12

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June 20, 2019               Day   12    Side Trip Miles Travelled 39.4 to St. Regis and Back       Road Trip Pause Day and Another Sleep at Quinn’s Hot Springs, Paradise, MT No Tennis Today The view today is grey, rainy and 50ish chilly (for me). These kind of days make me…

Hot Springs at Quinns Paradise Montana

Road Trip Day 11

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June 19, 2019              Day  11           Miles          322            Begin Walla Walla, Washington            To Quinn’s Hot Springs, Paradise Montana Roads Traveled  WA 20 to WA26 to WA 272 to ID 6 to ID 3 to I-90 to…

Plumb Cellars tasting room, Walla Walla Washington


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June 18, 2019          Day    10         Miles       250              Begin Portland, OR             To Walla Walla, WA Roads Traveled  I-84 to I-82 to WA 730 to WA 12 Slept at Hilton’s Hampton Inn in Walla Walla, Washington No Tennis…

Street Art in Portland

Road Trip Day 9

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June 17, 2019           Day     9         Road Trip Pause Day  in Portland, OR Slept at McMenamins Crystal Palace Hotel Tennis  6-3 The view from the Hampton Inn’s 7th Floor windows was grey and cloudy skies. I guess this is a normal Portland morning—about 60°. Morning coffee and a coaching call…