Road Trip Day 31: Albuquerque to Home

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July 9, 2019  Day     31        Miles         435            Begin Albuquerque, NM            To Tucson, AZ Roads Traveled  I-40 to lesser travelled two lane roads NM 117, NM 36, NM/AZ 60, AZ 77 HOME Slept in MY OWN BED!!!! The view when I open…

Happy Hour at Casteñada Bar, Las Vegas, NM
Gruesome Decorations at the Black Monarch, Victor, CO

Road Trip Day 28: Vail to Victor

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July 6, 2019   Day       28      Miles       128               Begin    Vail, CO         To. Victor, CO Roads Traveled  I-70,  Co 9, CO 24, Us 24, CO 67 Slept in the Elizabeth Báthory Room in the Black Monarch Hotel Tennis Score.  I WIN!!!! 6-2…

Road Trip Day 26: Saratoga, WY

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July 4, 2019     Day   26                     Road Trip Pause in Saratoga, WY Sleeping at The Wolf Hotel, Saratoga, WY Tennis  6-3 The view today starts with tennis from Wimbledon around 6 AM. We see Roger Federer win. Bub is happy to have Cable TV with tennis since we…

Prime Rib at Wolf Hotel, Saratoga, WY
Statue in Rapid City