Trip Back To the Old West Town of Las Vegas, NM

As you know, I love road trips! I got an opportunity to write an article for Food Wine and Travel Magazine recently about Las Vegas New Mexico and the two fabulously renovated properties we visited there. Allen Affeldt has done an amazing job with the Plaza Hotel and a Harvey hotel, La Castañeda.

Lobby 2019 Casteñada Hotel, Las Vegas, NM

The article begins…”Road trips beckon—not just as a means to a destination, but as a casually paced journey. After 50 years of road tripping, having a place to bed down on fresh clean sheets and proximity to good food and interesting surroundings is more my style than camping in the wilderness. Revitalized historic hotels along the way are my way of appreciating the past, while enjoying all the comforts of the 21st Century.”

You can read the entire article, Road Trip Back To The Wild West here

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