Pool at Chico Hot Springs

Hawaii’s Big Island Budget Secrets

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Hawaii has been identified as the happiest state in the US and the most mentioned destination for those with bucket lists of places to visit. If you’ve always wanted to go, but think you can’t afford Hawaii, let it go! I have created this Hawaii Big Island budget guide to share my Big Island insider tips, and some amazing free things to do on…


Joeann’s Prickly Pear Secrets

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Our prickly pear cactus are loaded with beautiful ripe purple fruit. This summer bounty produce prickly pear juice and syrup to take us through the year.  This time of the year, I pick the fruit and juice it and then freeze it until I need it for Prickly Pear Lemonade and Margaritas or when I am ready to make prickly…

Road Trip Day 31: Albuquerque to Home

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July 9, 2019  Day     31        Miles         435            Begin Albuquerque, NM            To Tucson, AZ Roads Traveled  I-40 to lesser travelled two lane roads NM 117, NM 36, NM/AZ 60, AZ 77 HOME Slept in MY OWN BED!!!! The view when I open…

Happy Hour at Casteñada Bar, Las Vegas, NM
Gruesome Decorations at the Black Monarch, Victor, CO

Road Trip Day 28: Vail to Victor

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July 6, 2019   Day       28      Miles       128               Begin    Vail, CO         To. Victor, CO Roads Traveled  I-70,  Co 9, CO 24, Us 24, CO 67 Slept in the Elizabeth Báthory Room in the Black Monarch Hotel Tennis Score.  I WIN!!!! 6-2…

Road Trip Day 26: Saratoga, WY

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July 4, 2019     Day   26                     Road Trip Pause in Saratoga, WY Sleeping at The Wolf Hotel, Saratoga, WY Tennis  6-3 The view today starts with tennis from Wimbledon around 6 AM. We see Roger Federer win. Bub is happy to have Cable TV with tennis since we…