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2021 Roadtrip Day 12: Hayward to Sioux Falls

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The morning dawns with clouds and rain coming in. After enjoying everyone’s company and coffee, we pack up And leave about 12:15.  Andy and Judy are staying another night with Sandy and Dawn. As we drive, it rain, rain, and rains. How lucky we were the weather was perfect all the days we were here.  Maps on my phone negotiated…


2021 Roadtrip Day 8-11: Grindstone Lake, WI

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Days Eight through Eleven were all spent at Sandy’s beautiful house on Grindstone Lake hanging out with Dawn and Sandy and Andy and Judy. I was usually up around six and spent the early quiet time catching up, doing some writing and just enjoying the peaceful serenity of the lake and sunrise. I made some good Kona coffee that we…


2021 Roadtrip Day Seven: Bub’s Birthday!

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On Grindstone Lake in Hayward, Wisconsin, the day is a beautiful sunny day with 70 º with a good amount of wind. Wimbledon plays for Bub on Sandy’s TV. It’s Bub’s 77th birthday but he doesn’t look any older. We venture into Hayward to find a tennis court. There are four real nice ones next to the high school. One…

Day five Road Trip

Road Trip 2021 Day Four: Wichita to Kansas City

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Wichita to KC We are getting into the groove of a roadtrip! At the historic Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview. the breakfast buffet was just as extensive as last night’s Happy hour. We provisioned up with eggs and bacon and sausage and yogurt. We took some fruit for the road and then packed up and headed out.  There was serious rain…

Road Trip 2021- Day Two: Roswell to Buffalo Gap

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Roswell to Perini’s Restaurant at Buffalo Gap, Texas  This road trip will travel some familiar roads and some new roads. It will include family visits. We’ll revisit some of our favorite hot springs and discover four new ones. Mostly, it’s Bub’s 77th birthday trip. Bright and early on day two, we went downstairs for the free Hampton Inn breakfast. COVID…

Road Trip 2021 - Day One
Bub and a Mai Tai at Seafood Grill

Week One Post-Pandemic Hawaiian Vacation

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We arrived in Hawaii on Saturday and settled in to our luxurious one bedroom suite. My previous post set the stage for the next three weeks. The first five days were spent just enjoying the paradise to which we’d been transported. Our routine was pretty simple. We’ve been here over 20 visits, so there was no immediate need to try…