Road Trip Day 12: Quinn’s Hot Springs in Paradise, MT

June 20, 2019               Day   12   

Side Trip Miles Travelled 39.4 to St. Regis and Back      

Road Trip Pause Day and Another Sleep at Quinn’s Hot Springs, Paradise, MT

No Tennis Today

The view today is grey, rainy and 50ish chilly (for me). These kind of days make me want to stay under the covers and just read a book. The prospect of soaking in the hot springs, though, seems as good as a warm bubblebath. We have some coffee and saved bananas and date bread and head across the parking lot to the pools. 

Quinn's Reception Paradise, MT

The minerals in the pool give off a sulfur smell that isn’t strong, but is noticeable. 

Minerals in Quinn's Pool Paradise MT

The rain has let up and we thought we’d take a walk along the river. The path leads to nowhere and flowers are waist high. We walk up on the road in front of the cabins instead.

After some writing time in the room, we decide to head back to St. Regis for lunch and to check out the antique store and huckleberry shakes.

Route from Quinn's to St. Regis

We choose the Frosty Drive In and order Buffalo Burgers, Onion Rings and Huckleberry milkshakes. A ripoff at $12 each, these burgers were dry and small. A disappointment. The onion rings and milkshakes were done right.

The Place of Antiques had rooms and rooms of furniture, jewelry and old stuff. Bub gets an interesting blue glass cowboy hat ashtray. He has a pretty big collection of cowboy hat ashtrays, mostly copper ones. This blue glass one was the only one they had—we are lucky, once again.

Blue Glass Cowboy Hat Ashtray

It’s still raining as we drive the scenic byway back to Quinn’s.

A hot soak is in order. Most of the people we meet here are from Coeur d’Alene since it’s only an hour an a half down the road. We talked with a couple who lives there, but he had been born in Tucson and lived there through high school. He and Bub did some reminiscing about Tucson’s good ole days.

Hot Springs at Quinns Paradise Montana

We go back to our warm room and have a picnic for dinner with cheese and crackers and salami paired with a good bottle of Shiraz wine from Walla Walla.

Life is good and we sleep soundly.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day to me! I am enjoying your trip and think the blue cowboy hat ashtray is a real find!!!!

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