You’ve Never Had Chocolate Like This!

Oh my Gosh!!!!!! Gourmet hand-crafted chocolate. There are 25 different Bon Bons made using what they call a “Monsoon Blend” of bean-to-bar chocolate, which is 69% dark chocolate. Their cocoa beans come from Ecuador, Madagascar, and Uganda

32 Chocolates!!!

This secret Tucson gem, Monsoon Chocolate, is located at 234 E. 22nd Street. I passed it by the first time I visited. There is not a big sign, but trust me, you’ll find it and love it.

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? I hesitated to eat them because they were so beautiful and I just looked at them for a few days. Then WOW! I’ve never tasted chocolate like this. It is a different world than Hersheys!

Unbelievable Bon Bons

As a special treat for our Easter Party this year, I got their box of 32 ($72-and worth it) and let each person choose the one wanted.

You see some duplicates above because my very favorite flavor is their Mezcal Caramel: Soft caramel center infused with Mezcal Vago Espadin.

They have smaller sized boxes, depending on your desires.

Monsoon Chocolate Factory and Cafe also offers a simple menu that changes with the season, if you want to expand your experience.

Just announced…They’ve won 2 international awards for their creations!

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