5 Best Apps For A Road Trip

Ah….paper maps may still have their place, but today’s apps can really take a trip to a higher level. There are a lot of road trip apps available. I’ve picked my 5 favorite that I’ll be using for the 2019 Fossland Road Trip. All are available at your App or Play store for free. 
Consider taking your next adventure to its next level.

Gas Buddy

GasBuddy is truly the go-to for gas when taking a road trip. I’ve been using GasBuddy for years locally as well. Prices can vary quite a bit and the gas station right next to the highway is rarely the cheapest. The gas price heat map and GasBuddy.com volunteers let you filter what you want by best price, closest location, or a combination of both. For a road trip, you can plot out your route and estimate the cost of gas. Put in the make and model of your car if you want even more specifics!


Plan your trip, find amazing places, take fascinating detours. This is how they describe themselves: We are Roadtrippers: Trip Planner and Magazine. We are anti-GPS; the only travel planning tool designed to make your trip longer. We are a deviation from the obvious, an escape from the expected. We live life detoured. I haven’t used this app before and am excited about all it has to offer. Here is our route this year. This app tells me how many miles from stop to stop, how much gas will cost and information about all the surrounding attractions, hotels and restaurants. I did upgrade this for extra features.

Roadtrippers Map of the trip

Hotel Tonight

If you suddenly need to look for last minute hotel rooms, HotelTonight is a lifesaver. They will offer you last-minute discounts on vacancies and same night accommodations from top-rated hotels. Last year, when we were homeless at 5 PM near Denver, they suggested the wonderful Stanley Hotel (Yes-think The Shining fame) for 1/3rd the normal rate!  Search by category and quality such as Basic, Hip or Luxe, view information on nearby hotels, and quickly book accommodations from within the app.


Want to save money on your hotel? Pruvo will follow your reservations and let you know if the price drops. Make your reservation and it must be refundable. Then you send them the information and they will monitor it for you!  

Flush Toilet Finder

Flush Toilet Finder uses your location and checks its database of more than 200,000 public and paid toilets. Could be might be a lifesaver. It is the quickest, simplest way of finding one near you. You don’t want to be stuck in an absolutely filthy restroom.

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