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I am a baby boomer, hippie chick who was bitten by the travel bug decades ago and I have never recovered. I have adventured through over 30 countries and 4 continents and can often be found on a warm island beach in places like Tahiti, The Cook Islands, and Hawaii.
Life has been an adventure. I traveled the US in a 31′ converted school bus in the ’70s, going where the hitchhikers were headed. I lived with my husband and two small children in a tipi outside of Aspen for 18 months with no electricity or running water! I’ve been pickpocketed in Ecuador and Paris, eaten coca leaves in Bolivia, gotten tear-gassed in Peru and run a mini-triathlon in Boca de Toro, Panama.
On this blog, I’ll be joyfully sharing my view. It will include helpful tips and my experiences that, hopefully, might inspire you to live out some of your dreams.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Joeann’s Blog!

  1. What a terrific idea, Joeann. I would LOVE to see you do an article on home sweet home – “Tucson”. You also might want to let readers know that you are not commenting only on places that pay you to do so. There are A LOT of travel blogs out there that solicit spas, restaurants, etc. to be included and it takes away from the authenticity. I look forward to seeing your monthly experiences and tips.

    1. Barb
      Thanks for this suggestion. I think you are absolutely right..I’ll work on some good local posts!

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