ROAD TRIP Day 10: Portland, OR to Walla Walla, WA

June 18, 2019          Day    10         Miles       250             

Begin Portland, OR             To Walla Walla, WA

Roads Traveled  I-84 to I-82 to WA 730 to WA 12

Slept at Hilton’s Hampton Inn in Walla Walla, Washington

No Tennis today

The view is a grey, Portland cloudy morning. Coffee is downstairs in the Zeus Café. I’m scheduled for some coaching calls and the phone and internet are working well in the room. I love being able to do this work from anywhere and I love the amazing folks that I am working with.

Street Art Girl Portland, OR

I’ve got a two hour break between calls. Overnight, Bub has thought of some author’s whose books were hard to come by and suggested we go back to Powells. He finds two James Carlos Blake books and is very happy. Happy Birthday, Bub!

Across the street is a Buffalo Exchange Store —An old favorite thrift shop that opened 40 years ago in Tucson and has spread to cool locations. I am very happy—I find three dresses that are perfect casual summer dresses to travel in.

Camel, homeless man and Elephant, Portland, OR

One more coaching call, a little more coffee and it’s…..On the road again.

From Portland we head east and drive next to the Columbia River for hours. There is an 8 day Columbia and Snake River Cruise with American Cruise Lines that Bub wants to do one of these days—maybe next summer. Anybody want to go?

Columbia River in Oregon

We pass dams and move from forested country to more open rolling hills. Lots of wind and wind generators top the hills.

Wind Generators in Washington and Oregon

We arrive in windy, windy Walla Walla in time to do some wine tasting at Plumb Cellars—Fine, Straight Wine. I try 8 wines and Bub has a glass of their 100% Syrah. It’s good, so we buy a bottle of the Plumb Apropos 25. It has a Plumb Bob on the label which appeals to my retired surveyor.

Plumb Wine in Walla Walla Washington

We walk the streets of this cute, little town and window shop. Saw a great T-shirt that said “I’ll Never Drink Again.” (I’ve had some days like that in my life). We probably could have spent hundreds of dollars on fun, touristy items, but we were hungry. ( I know…you are thinking we couldn’t possibly need food ever again!)

Walla Walla Washington Wine

We had wanted to revisit The Whitehouse-Crawford where we had a memorable dinner on our first visit here. Alas, on Tuesdays, they are closed.

The hostess at Plumb Cellars suggested dinner at Walla Walla Steak Company. In the old railroad station, this restaurant shares the space with Crossbuck Brewing. You can sit on either side and order off of either (or both) menus. 

We got Oysters (are you surprised?)

Oysters at Wall Walla Steakhouse Company

and Scallops

Scallops at WW Steakco

Walla Walla Onion Soup

Walla Walla Onion soup at WW Steakco

And a wedge from the Walla Walla Steak Company menu 

Walla Walla Washington Wedge

and from the Crossbuck Menu we choose Steak Bites—amazing slices of steak that had been Crossbuck Ale Marinated and served with fries and cocktail sauce, and chipotle aioli. We split this–the picture is just one half of the order.

Steak Bites at Crossbuck

We aren’t beer drinkers, but it looks like Walla Walla has a winner in this outlet.

Back at the hotel, we unwind in their very warm Spa. Ahhhhhhh……

Another perfect day.

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