Road Trip Day 15: Polaris, MT to Boulder, MT

June 23, 2019    Day   15          Miles      150               

Begin   Polaris, MT           To.  Boulder, MT

Roads Traveled   MT 73, MT 278, MT 41, MT 55, MT 399

Slept at Boulder Hot Spring and Spa, MT

No Tennis today

Cabin at Elkhorn Hot Springs

I get up early and start a fire in the stove and then jump back under the covers and go back to sleep. I’d gotten a pretty good night’s sleep and appreciated the amenities of the cabin (toilet paper and matches).

Amenities at Elkhorn Hot Springs, MT

When I wake again, the cabin is warm and I am ready for some coffee. Breakfast is over at the lodge.  Sausage gravy, biscuits (which I skip), scrambled eggs and a sweet orange with some coffee start the day.

Lodge at Elkhorn Hot Springs

They call their indoor pool a sauna, but it is actually 3 small, very hot pools. I can’t show you a picture because my lens for my camera kept steaming up before I could snap.

Pool Temps at Elkhorn Hot Springs, MT

Outside, there is a hot pool that is nice and warm and then a bigger pool which is a little cooler.

Hot Outdoor Pool Elkhorn Hot Springs, MT

We alternate between the indoor pool and outdoor pool for about 30 minutes. We talk a little politics about the Border and Marijuana laws with a man who is also in the pools early. It was weird to me in Oregon and Washington to smell marijuana and see people smoking while strolling outside. Our new friend spoke a little about the changes in California, where he lived.

Large Pool at Elkhorn Hot Springs, MT

Some other bathers tell us about Crystal Park which is 6 mlles up the road, where you can dig crystals from the ground.

We pack up, ready for the day.

Bub grumbles about taking a detour to Crystal Park, but I am driving, so we head up there. Groups of people, mostly with kids, are digging in holes with shovels and screens and buckets. I join the party and spend about 20 minutes with a borrowed digger, finding a dozen or so crystals to take home to Lily and Mia.

Digging Crystals at Crystal Park

Back on the road for a fairly short drive today on two lane back roads through a few little towns, but, mostly, through wide pastures and wooded mountains.

Boulder Hot Springs hotel was built in 1863. The Indians had enjoyed these Springs for years. This area was named the Peace Valley by the First People of this land because they believed that all people should be able to come here to heal in the hot mineral waters. This valley was a place of healing, gathering, and celebration which gives it a unique history of being a place of peace and healing with no hostilities. On the National Register, over the years, Presidents and celebrities have enjoyed coming here.

Boulder Hot Springs and Spa MT

Posted by check-in was a meditation to enjoy before dipping in the pools.

Reception at Boulder Hot Springs

Segregated (men and women) steam rooms and hot (106°) plunges  were inside. The women’s side also had a cold plunge pool. Today, the men’s side was turned into a co-ed area, so we could enjoy it together—which we did!

Hot Plunge Pool at Boulder Hot Springs, MT

There was an outdoor pool that was about 98°. 

Boulder Hot Springs Outdoor Pool

It was a nice relaxing day. there was a double rainbow about sunset.

Life is good.

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